Saturday, August 11, 2018

If A Tree Falls In A Forest....

I'll write every day I told myself.

I told myself that yesterday.  I told myself that a week ago, and a couple of months ago.  A year ago.

Years ago.

"I should write" I think to myself as I'm pushing a cart down the grocery store aisle or driving home after work.

"I should write" I think to myself as I'm doing mindless tasks at work.

"I should write" I think to myself while I'm playing a game on my phone or doing the laundry or caring for mom or freaking out about my kids.

"You're a writer" said my college mentor.

"You should write a book" said my new friend from yoga teacher training.

"Why don't you write?" said my son when I wondered out loud what the hell I was doing with my life at the  age of 50.

If a writer doesn't write is she still a writer?

Or is she just a lost soul drowning and flailing and fighting a mess of losing battles?

Well, that sounded dramatic.  But really.  It's a question I ask myself after I think "I should write."

I think the answer to the question is:  That's a stupid question.  Stop asking yourself that question and start writing.