Tuesday, December 29, 2015


This is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  The pre-Christmas craziness is over and the return to school is still a week off.

I have time.  Blessed, wonderful time.

I finished The Man in the High Castle Sunday and am already deep into The Interestings, which I am really enjoying.

Yesterday I undecorated for  Christmas.   I'll have the boys drag the tree out to the curb this afternoon and that will be that.

I started bringing plants in yesterday.  This freakish weather we're having allowed me to procrastinate.  There are rumors of temps in the 30s later this week so I'm making room inside for some of the geraniums and other annuals that still look decent and taking cuttings from those that have seen better days.

I've been cleaning and decluttering.  Marathoning The West Wing.  Crocheting the first 20 rows of a sweater over and over and over.  Enjoying the ripping out as much as the putting together.

I've been napping.  Ridiculously long naps, all three dogs snuggled in close.

Next week it's back to serious job hunting and selling mom's house.  Two enormous tasks I set aside for the holidays.

This week is recharging.  Recharging, planning, dreaming.  Resting and resetting for the new year.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I loved The Interestings!
And I love decluttering. I'm resigned to the tree staying up another week, however. We leave town for the tri-state relative tour, so unless I pull it down on Thursday, not happening until the following weekend. Oh well.
Enjoy your cozy time!

Common Household Mom said...

Now that we are home, we can engage in recharging. I was astonished to realize that tomorrow is not a school day!

Marathoning The West Wing is a very good thing. And so is reading books. And naps, blessed naps! It all sounds necessary for getting ready for the new year.

Bibliomama said...

I'm so excited to find anyone else who has read The Interestings! And I loved The West Wing! And we keep saying that having a dog curl up on or near you is the most potent soporific drug there is. I got sick the week between xmas and new year, but just a cold so really it was just a good excuse to lie around reading books and napping. Glad you're getting some recharging time.