Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Not Working

Not working is weird.  I kind of like it.  If I can just quiet the financial panic that constantly lurks at the back of my mind I'll love it.

I'm looking for work.  Although it is hard to look for work when you don't know what you want to do.

It's also hard to look for work when you are enjoying not working.

It's not as if I have nothing to do.  My to do list is stupid long.  Crazy long.  As are all of our to do lists.

At this time the majority of it is has to do with my mom.  Pay her rent.  Pay her bills.  Finish all the address changes for her.  Get estimates for painting and repairs on the house.  Have the buckling floor fixed.  Get insulation put in under the house and/or solve the crawl space humidity problem.

Those are the urgent ones.  There are others.

Plus I have lists for me and for my family.

For the past twenty years I've telecommuted from home and have been very disciplined about going to my office and focusing on work.

I'm having to redirect that focus and discipline to caring for my mom and looking for work.  Instead of say, making coffee and watching The Voice all morning and then trolling Facebook and then having lunch and then going to the grocery store even though I don't need to and then going to Starbucks and then going to the carpool lane early so I can knit for 30 minutes.

Today is about decluttering my house.  At least a bit.   I cleared out Mom's house and although much of it went to a local rescue mission thrift shop (don't tell Mom),  much of it came to my house.  Now I'm doing the second sort and getting rid of more.  As well as much of our stuff.

So I'm putting off looking for a job one more day to declutter.

Although there is a new episode of The Voice just waiting for me on Hulu.....


smalltownme said...

I had to do that with some of my dad's thing: just take them to get them out of the house. Then I dealt with (donated) them later.

Bibliomama said...

I'm fairly partial to not working, personally. There's so much crap to get done all the time, I'm not sure how I'm going to fit an actual job in. You've been through a trying time, and I think some Hulu and aimless grocery shopping is totally earned.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Not working is pretty awesome. I'm so glad I get a few months of that each year, I covet that time off now.