Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday - Catching Up This Is Really Random

How in denial about Christmas am I?

We've stopped turning the numbers on our countdown thingie.

I should show you a picture but I don't trust myself to stay focused and on task if I get up and try and take a photo.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

I had the big trip to Minnesota and Iowa with my mom which I need to write more about.  For me it was kind of a transformative trip.  No, it was. I loved it. I could write a book about it.  I definitely need to write some posts.

The next week (I think that was last week?) I was in California for business.

I got home at midnight Friday and by lunchtime was at my mom's to see my cousins who were here for the weekend.  Kind of a big deal since I hadn't seen them in many years.  I spent much of the weekend with them and it was great.  Really a significant visit for me.  They are 13 and 16 years older then me.  When I was a kid that was way to much of an age gap for any kind of a relationship between us.   Now it's perfect.

I spent a lot of time the past few weeks connecting with my past.  Connecting with the places of my childhood, the geography of my childhood, which is very significant for me.

Also connecting with people and family.  I had forgotten, or maybe I never realized, I have family out there I can connect with and lean on.  Especially these two cousins who are so familiar with my family, who know and understand my mother so well, and who have been through what I am going through and will be going through with her.

This week D12 was home ALL WEEK.  Yes, he missed a week of 6th grade.  I am freaking out a little bit.  He was sick.  No fever, but a terrible sore throat and he slept a lot and was generally miserable.  I finally took him to the doctor Thursday morning and got some antibiotics.  I hate when the kids are sick with no fever or other obvious symptoms.

We have done NO HOMEWORK.  I don't even know what he has to do and this next week is the last week of the quarter so we are going to have to kick ass.

Oh, is Christmas right around the corner?  For the love.

My plan for family movie night this weekend was to make them watch the trifecta of Christmas animation -- Frosty The Snowman, Rudolph, and Charlie Brown Christmas.

I even made frosted sugar cookies for the viewing.  Frosted.  In the shape of Christmas trees and snowmen.

Sadly we couldn't get them for free or very cheap on Netflix or Amazon Prime so we are postponing the trifecta until next weekend.

We watched Elf instead and ate the cookies.

Today I'm making the first batch of toffee.  Traditionally known as the test batch which is consumed in less then 48 hours by my family.

Also there should probably be some shopping sometime today.  Some cleaning and laundry.

Some 6th grade homework.

Some blog reading.  Some book reading.  Some knitting (wait, I'm getting distracted).  Maybe go for a walk?  Maybe have some hot chocolate?  Maybe take a nap?

I seem to  be mixing up my Must To Do List with my Want To Do List.

Which makes this a pretty typical Saturday,


Common Household Mom said...

I am applauding you for staying level-headed (if you are making toffee, then you have to be at least a little bit level-headed) in the midst of all that connecting with so many family members AND having a sick kid. Even if renewing connections is a positive thing, having something of such emotional significance happen can be draining. So is missing a week of school (for both the kid and the parent).

Not to mention that frosted cut-out cookies are some serious stuff.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love that--mixing up the to-do list with the want-to-do list. I wish I wanted to do my tree, but so not feeling it this year. Maybe tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Sounds like a really cool trip.

Green Girl said...

GLAD to read your trip went well.
Hope you are able to spend time being merry and some of the other stuff sorts itself out with minimal assistance from you.
We had the fever kid at our house, too. Wretched long and awful and nothing to be done for it. I hate that helplessness.

Bibliomama said...

Ugh. You do sound remarkably sanguine about it - hope this isn't the precursor of a major freak-out. :) Sometimes shit happens. Do what you have do, then do what you can, then breathe deeply and let the rest go. Elf and frosted Christmas cookies sounds pretty full of win to me.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I also seem to be mixing up my Must Do list with my Want-To-Do List. Boy, have I been enjoying those books lately (and facebook)! Wish I could say I'd had good family time, too.
We have those classic shows on video but to watch them means bringing in the VCR from the garage and plugging in the proper cords... so yeah, we haven't seen them yet this year, either. Like you, watching Elf has been accomplished (minus the cookies).
Hope the kids are healthy soon!