Sunday, December 21, 2014

OK Then I'm Writing About Nothing Again

You know how sometimes you manage to find a perfect quiet moment where everyone in the house is sleeping, even the dogs, which when you have three dogs is pretty much a miracle?

And you are sitting at the computer thinking about blogging and you are mulling over all these genius amazing ideas that are going to be the best thing you have ever written ever because you finally have a quiet house full of sleeping people and animals?  And you made hot chocolate.  For the love.  You made hot chocolate on the stove -- not even in the microwave.  THE STOVE.

And you lit a nice Christmas candle and the sky is just beginning to lighten and it's the quietest, most peaceful moment you have had in weeks and you think THIS IS FINALLY IT.  I am going to WRITE.

You know how sometimes that happens?

If you do, you  know what happens next.

The chihuahua comes tiptoeing into the room which means the 12 year old is up (at 7:15?  on a Sunday?  WHY??????) which means the insane pit bull mix is going to follow the chihuahua and the other pit bull mix (probably not as much pit bull but enough already) is going to get weird and jealous and possibly start a squabble which means you have to get up and break it up.

And just when that seems taken care of and the 12 year old is just sitting on the couch staring into space and you think "THIS IS IT, here are my few minutes of peace and quiet" the cell phone rings.

And who is calling?  This is weird.  Caller ID says it's the 12 year old's phone.  Even though he is sitting on the couch without his phone.

So you answer it because why not.  You watched a movie about aliens last night.  Maybe it's Tom Cruise calling.

No.  Not Tom Cruise trying to recruit you to Scientology.

It's The Husband calling to see if you can lock up the crazy pit bull mix so the cat can come out.  

That's when you say "Ok then.  I'll just blog about nothing."  

So you do.

Then you shut the lap top.  Make breakfast.  Force yourself to start planning the Christmas dinner menu since you were dumb enough to invite the mothers over.  Try and figure out when you can walk the dogs -- before or after church.  Try not to panic about the yoga class you are subbing tonight and wonder if it's worth wrapping presents before Christmas Eve since the dogs will just destroy them and also why is the 12 year old STILL COUGHING LIKE HE HAS PNEUMONIA and will the 16 year old be better by Christmas Day (he turned up sick yesterday) and why hasn't the cat come out already? 

You do all that and you hope that all those ideas that were floating around in your head somehow stay there, mixed in with all the holiday madness and goodness.  You keep thinking that it will still be there and it will make it on the page if you keep getting your ass in a chair in front of a screen or a piece of paper.  It will be there and it will be even better because of the dogs and the coughing and the crazy holiday madness and the family and the love.  It will still always be there and it will just get better.


Common Household Mom said...

That happens to me all the time, although we don't have pets so I am not often interrupted by a chihuahua.

But yes, we all hope that we can just enjoy the holiday madness and goodness. I think I am going to make some hot chocolate now.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You summed it up perfectly.
Here's to finding those little moments of peace when we can!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

You had me at REAL hot chocolate.
You are obviously a morning person. I take my quiet moments at night these days, right before my husband hollers "COME TO BED!!!" because he hates sleeping alone.
I don't think the cat will ever come around when the dog is also around.