Thursday, November 13, 2014


It's been a pretty quiet week.  I had my little procedure on Tuesday and it couldn't have gone better.  I was home by noon and J47 had the day off and took care of me. I slept a lot.

I slept a lot yesterday as well.  I thought I was ready to get back to my previously scheduled life today but discovered that wasn't quite right about twenty minutes into an errand run. So I scratched my plans, grabbed a quick lunch, slipped into the grocery store, then crawled home and curled up on the couch.

It's the perfect day for it.  Cold.  Very quiet.   The dogs have been napping with me. I think they like this new arrangement.

On Monday D12 and I had an appointment with a functional medicine/biomedics doctor.  I don't even think I'm labeling her right.  I'm so at the beginning of all of this.

She works with autistic kids using biomedics.  In my naiveté I thought this just meant supplements but the first step is drastically changing your diet and cutting out gluten, casein and soy.  

That's pretty much what we eat.  I'm pretty overwhelmed.  I've been putting off even researching any of this for quite a while.  I knew it was out there, I knew people were treating autism through diet, but I was afraid and overwhelmed so I didn't look.

Just to be honest.

The wonderful thing about this doctor is that she has been through exactly what we are going through.  I realized after our three hour appointment that she is the first mom with a kid on the spectrum that I have talked to since D12 was diagnosed.

So even though I am scared and overwhelmed I feel hopeful that this is a change we can make and I feel like I've found someone that can guide me through it.

I have a lot of research and planning to do and am thinking we will start in January.  After the holiday baking.

And after another nap.


Sarah said...

Sounds promising...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love that this doctor has actual real life experience. I bet that makes her advice more practical and less preachy.
Good luck as you reconfigure the eats. I cannot imagine how tough that would be.

Common Household Mom said...

That's good to read that your procedure went well.

And good that the doctor has personal experience with the changes she is advising.