Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday - Gratitude

1.  This little face:

2.  Having lunch and coffee with a good friend today.

3.  Working from home.  I hope I can keep this going for a good long time.

4.  My office at home - windows on all three sides and always at least one dog present (see above pic).

5.  No dogs are currently barking.  Ripken or Kirby have killed each other, are outside trying to kill something else or, could it be, they are sleeping?    Whatever it is I am not going out there and ending the quiet..

6.  Tea

7.  Space heaters

8.  Kitchen sink (we didn't have one for about a month while remodeling the kitchen this summer).

9.  My sewing machine

10.  Cheap reading glasses -- so I can keep 10 pairs around the house and replenish as I lose them.


Sarah said...

No. 10 - yes! I think I have four pairs scattered around the house.

Bibliomama said...

Lunch with a friend is SO incredibly restorative. And kitchen sinks are nice to have around too.

Karen Jensen said...

Gratitude is just the thing.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good list!
My husband has a half dozen "cheaters" all over our house, too.