Monday, November 3, 2014


This is Ripken.  I wrote a long post about how he came to live with us.  It was too long.  What I was really trying to get to was this:

This is the first dog I've had that makes me nervous and uncomfortable and is freaking me out. We've had him for about a month and we helped foster him in the yard next door for the month before that.  

He's a handful.  He has issues.  He needs a lot of work.  I don't feel like doing it right now.  I want everything to be easy.  

In the beginning, during the foster period, I tried finding a home or shelter or rescue organization that would take Ripken but no one was willing or able. 

I believe Ripken is here for a reason and that I need him as much as he needs our family. The discipline and structure he needs and that has to be provided by me and the rest of the family is discipline and structure that will help me work my way into whatever is next for me.    

There are moments every day when I'm very happy he is here and moments when I wish he wasn't.  

I need to remember we are at the beginning of our relationship with him and that it takes time.  A month ago this would not have happened:

Who knows where we'll be in another month?


Bibliomama said...

Wow, that's impressive. We're just in the process of researching dogs because my daughter's been desperate for one for years and I think she's responsible enough, but I've never had a dog, and I'm nervous. Taking on a dog with issues is admirable. But yeah, on top of everything else you're dealing with, it's too bad he's not just easy.

Karen Jensen said...

Oh, I have one like that! Her name is Molly. Unadoptable. A mess. Cute as heck.