Tuesday, November 11, 2014

10 Things Tuesday

I'm having a girlie outpatient procedure done today (ablation). They call it surgery but there's no scalpel involved so I'm going with procedure. There is anesthesia. Thank God.  

So.  10 things about my outpatient procedure:

1.  Anesthesia!!!!

2.  Pain meds

3.  Ice chips

4.  Ice cream when I get home. Because I can.

5.  Napping with the dogs (again when j get home).

6.  Time to read

7.  Putting an auto out-of-office response on my work mail FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS!

8.  Marathon TV watching 

9.  Take out.

10.  Have I mentioned the anesthesia?  And pain meds?


Karen Jensen said...

Yay sleeping with dogs!

Sarah said...

Hope it went well.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hope you are already mended.

Magpie said...

Ouch. I hope everything worked well.