Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Kitchen

When it comes to home repair and remodeling there are three kinds of people (at least):

1.  People who hire professionals to do the work.

2.  People that do the work themselves and do so quickly and efficiently and tirelessly without a break until it is done and finished thank you very much.

3.  Us.  Also known as people who do the work themselves but take a long time to do it and make a lot of mistakes and learn the hard way.

We spent most of the day working on the ceiling.  J47 had to work this morning and I spent part of the morning sanding drywall mud.  I discovered this is another nasty, disgusting, difficult and slightly painful job.  After lunch we cleaned up, cleared everything out of the room, stared at the ceiling and decided it was time to buy paint.

Once we got home we realized we really had to do some more sanding which led to some patching which led to not painting today.

Which is OK.  It's good.  We are making progress.  I was to ashamed to take before pictures and now I wish I had because that was one ugly nasty kitchen.

We gutted it the end of May.  I would like to never gut plaster and lathe again, thank you very much.  Here's what it looked like during the gutting process (that's me and J16):

Here's what it looks like today (before ceiling repairs:

And yes, we hung the cabinets in just a few hours and have installed the microwave which we stare at longingly several times a day:

Tomorrow I'm hoping to paint the ceiling.  Fingers crossed.


Trixie Bang Bang said...

I've remodeled several older houses, and know the horrors of plaster & lathe'll be worth it :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Looking good--I admire you for tackling that yourself!