Thursday, March 6, 2014

QUICK!! 5 minute post!!!

Total stream of consciousness.  We all know the chance of me posting after I pick the kids up and get into the whole homework/dinner/nightmare/yoga teaching scenario is not good.

Just took about a 90 minute nap.  Need to leave in four minutes to get the kids.

Totally stressed out over the past few months because my job has become very insecure and I do not know what the future is.  I've had nervous energy from this and exhausted energy and been deer in the headlights and planned all kinds of futures for myself.  Mostly I'm scared and anxious.

The last two days I have just been exhausted.

So I'm sleeping a lot.

I've been trying to figure out how to blog about that without being professionally inappropriate and don't want to blog about it to much. Except to say I am stressed.

Also (two minutes to go) i am listening to The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (no time for links!!!!).  IT IS SO GOOD I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT BOOK.  earbuds in all the time.  falling asleep to it.  Has anyone read it?  Do you love it?  I am thinking about reading it (like from an actual book) it's so good.  Did that with The Night Circus.  Was worth it.

ONE MINUTE LEFT.  This probably isn't the best way to post, but at least I got it in.  It's cold here, 36 degrees. Very cold for 3:02 in the afternoon on March 6 in Georgia.

This cold, the quiet office, the empty house.  Everything feels like it's on hold.

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smalltownme said...

90 minute nap? I am so jealous.