Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Summer Summer

It's really here. Finally.  J13 finishes school at 10:00 this morning -- his last final.  D10 (ok, just for a second there I forgot how old my youngest is) has his class party today and then award ceremonies in the morning and we are finished!

I thought third and seventh grade were going to be the end of me.  Third grade at our school is really intense -- lots of field trips, projects, etc.  Seventh grade has been a challenge for J13 but he really has done well.    Middle school is some sort of special hell and we all went through it.  As a serious, intense, non-athletic kid it was not easy.  Let's just say the alpha mails took a few runs at him.  But he's still standing.  I'm proud of him.

I'm just home from a three day business trip to California and am really looking forward to the holiday weekend. I am back to teaching yoga two or three times a week but I'm on a bit of a break until the following weekend.  With no yoga classes happening and homework finished for the year it feels like someone has added a couple of hours to every day.  I'm pretty sure I'll figure out a way to waste it.  It's summer.  Isn't that what we're supposed to do?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Enjoy your lazy days off!
Isn't the end of the school year overwhelming with BUSYBUSYBUSY?
Glad your son survived 7th grade. It can be so tough when you're not a jock.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hope you weren't in Southern California and didn't email me!

Enjoy your summer, you've earned it.