Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice

All day long the winter solstice tugged at my heart and told me to snuggle in with my kids while the light was low and cloudy on this shortest of days.

Instead I worked.  A lot.  And baked and cooked and shopped and pretty much ran around like a crazy person.  Not being still.  Not being quiet.  Not honoring in any way this turn in the seasons, the hope of lengthening days and the opportunity to appreciate what I already have.  To acknowledge that what is here in this house and in this family is enough and more then enough.

Tonight I'm going to to settle in, regroup, do something quiet with my kids, read a book  and wake up in the morning on a day where the light lasts just a little longer and we all unknowingly take that first step towards a new year, a new season.


smalltownme said...

That was a beautiful, poetic post. Yesterday I helped my grownup son bake 8 dozen cookies. His specialty, one that is easy on his limited income and greatly appreciated by all the recipients.

sherilee said...

Beautifully said. I am SO ready for a new season (and longer days too).

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Take that time for the snuggle. Trust me. It's worth it!