Monday, December 19, 2011

There is a child in my houses that is not mine. Help me.

Somehow, through my own genius or lack thereof, I have managed thirteen years of parenthood without hosting a sleepover.

That's right.  Thirteen years.

J13 never wanted to go on a sleepover or have kids over for a sleepover.  D9's first sleepover -- at a birthday party about a year ago turned out to be a come-home-at-midnight instead of a sleepover.  I wasn't to surprised since it was with all the boys from his class -- none which he was particularly close to.

Since then he's had a couple of sleepovers at JS's house.  Today JS came to our house and they are having a great time.  It's about time I did this.  He asked several times but since it kind of freaks me out to have other kids here I've put it off.  I know I'm weird.  But it makes me nervous.  I'm worried that they'll be bored or start fighting or something.  Or require my attention.  God help us all.

Of course they are having a great time and in a little while I'll haul there little butts out to pizza.

He's such a sweet kid, I need to do what I can to encourage this friendship.  D9 doesn't have any other close friends and this kid took to him last year when he came to our school and really adores D9.

I sometimes forget that D9 is shy and kind of weird since J13 is extremely shy, super sensitive and kind of more weird (I mean this in the nicest, motherliest way).

J13 is keeping his eye on them for me.  It's like having a live-in baby sitter.  He's awfully responsible.  Thank God.  So I'm hanging out in my office catching up on blogs and trying to figure out what my next quilting project is going to be.

I love this few days before Christmas.  The kids are out of school and most of the shopping is done.  It's quiet.

Except for the three kids screaming at Super Smash Brothers that is.  That parts not quiet.

I wonder if they will notice if I slip some Benedryl into their root beer floats tonight?


Christy said...

Hahaha! I dread sleepovers and am considering an outright ban on them, when the time comes.

(I'd love a Benadryl laced root beer float!)

anymommy said...

They will NEVER notice. I promise you.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, sleepovers with the right kids are a piece of cake. With the wrong kids they're like a stick of dynamite. Anyway.