Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December - Slow Panic Style

So far I have not been bitten by the Christmas bug.  Unless it's the Christmas bug that puts you not very in the mood for the holidays.  That bug I totally have.

I'm trying, but to tell you the truth I'm a little ready for it to be over.  I'm kind of annoyed with my inability to make an effort this year.  I have been having some serious back problems for the last month which has hampered my mood.  Don't really feel like decorating or shopping when you can't do anything but lay on your back for hours at a time.

Which has allowed me to get completely sucked into the A Song of Fire and Ice books.  I'm on book four.  I'm mildly addicted.  I've started reading blogs about the series and looking at art on-line and ok, reading chat threads.  I admit it.  And window shopping stuff on-line.  And trying not to stalk people at Barnes and Noble who are carrying the books around.  

What else?  J13 is taking midterms for the first time this week and it has been very frustrating.  He's not getting how to study and I'm not really wanting to hold his hand through the process.  I'm working with him a bit and trying to give him direction, but he's not really getting it.  He's kind of a learn-by-experience kid.  As was his mother.  Thus my frustration.  Unfortunately I can not convince him that his parents are not as stupid as he thinks we are.   He has two more tests tomorrow and then he's FINISHED.  I can not wait.

I've got that lazy, the holidays are over and it's time to relax feeling.  Except the holidays aren't over.  Oops.

I am almost done shopping.  All that's left is to make a lot of candy and cookies.  Which is not a bad place to be on the holiday to do list.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think women struggle the most with Christmas because there's all of the expectation which we feel responsible for fulfilling. It's smarter to decide what YOU want YOUR Christmas to look like and work within those perimeters.
Since I started doing that, I enjoy Christmas much more
Ah, I relate with you and your son--my oldest is the same way and I wish I could save him from himself!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Some years you have the spirit more than others.

I think it's the rare boy who ISN'T like your son!