Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday. A Poem.

April is Poetry Month.

I'm sure you are all as excited as I am.

You should be.

So here's a poem that came via e-mail yesterday. It's nice. Hope you like it.

Oh, and maybe I will start blogging something besides poetry again.


These Heroics

If I had a shining head
and people turned to stare at me
in the streetcars;
and I could stretch my body
through the bright water
and keep abreast of fish and water snakes;
if I could ruin my feathers
in flight before the sun;
do you think that I would remain in this room,
reciting poems to you,
and making outrageous dreams
with the smallest movements of your mouth?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This makes me feel like DARING more.

JCK said...

I don't care what you always find the jewels...wonderful poems that I haven't read before.

politicallyspouting said...

As someone who reads poems almost never, I appreciate that you post poetry that even I can love.