Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poem Thursday - Potter

Some day I'm going to find poetry some place other than The Writer's Almanac. But not today.

You and I

You are a warm front
that moved in from the north,
a blind spot bearing beautiful gifts,
a garden in the air, a golden filament
inscribed with the name of God's hunting dog,
a magic heirloom mistaken for a feather duster,
a fountain in a cow pasture, an anachronistic anagram
annoyed by annonymity, a dollar in the pocket
of a winter coat in summer.

And I am the discoverer of you.


sherilee said...

I am a huge Almanac fan as well. This poem has been mentally tucked away since it was posted--not sure what I want to do with it, but it's definitely inspiring. Thanks for posting!

flutter said...

holy crap, this is gorgeous

JCK said...

Thank you for sharing. Love this piece.

Sheila McVay said...

Wow...I love this!

Maggie May said...

thank you for this.

Maria @dailydownwarddog said...

Love discovering money in my pockets after time has passed. Always an unexpected delight. Thanks for sharing this poem!

Threeundertwo said...

I'm still mulling over the "blind spot bearing gifts." Interesting.

Great poem!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


WINDOWLAD said... is a real excellent write... how amazingly those lines are weaved... in just a li'l turn of words the sense of the poem already volumes a complete emotion... i really like... thanks for this read...d(^^)b...

good day.