Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Way More Then 10 Word Tuesday

First of all -- is it "then" or "than?"

And do the quote marks on the above sentence go before or after the question mark?

I want to write and tell you about the birthday party I went to Saturday night and  how wonderful it was and how a friend helped me prep for it and how freaking amazing it was to spend time with my friends.  I really need to write that post.

But not today.

I took it easy yesterday -- since it was a no school day for the kids.  OK, since I felt like it.

So I'm kind of behind on everything and this morning has started out wacky.

First I went to make lunches and didn't have the stuff I needed.  So I rushed the kids, we left five minutes early (so on time) and I ran into Kroger and picked up stuff for them.

Then, as we are driving to school, D8 says "I forgot my glasses."  UGH.  Of course he did.

So I dropped them off, came home, walked the dogs, thankyouGod found the glasses, drove back to school and while I was driving got a text asking if I could sub teach for a yoga class tonight.

Yes!  No! Yes!  It will be my second class so the whole thing is still pretty scary to me.  I'm forcing myself to do it.  I have to get through the scary first few classes.

So today is kinda busy, already late to work, having lunch with my husband, need to go back to the grocery store and I'm dying to start a baby quilt that I'm determined to get done for a shower on March 19.

Stop laughing.  I can to so do it.



furiousBall said...

I know you can do it. I love that you agreed to teach the class, those baptisms by fire are what make folks great at what they do. you've inspired me, I'm going to do something brave today ... like maybe clean my office... yikes.

Pamela said...

It is "than," and the quotation marks go after the punctuation. And I love you. :)

Mrs. Chili said...

Pamela got there before I could. "Then" indicates time - I did this, THEN I did that. "Than" is comparison - This is more THAN that.

Pamela's not quite right about the quotation marks, though. Here's where I explain it in annoying, English Teacher detail.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Stay the course, sister! Pamela's advice is right on, by the way. You'll "git 'er done." I know you will. (As long as the snow doesn't interrupt your kids' school days anymore!)

Sophia the Writer said...

Wow. There are quite a few fellow grammar nazis who read this blog. lol

Dude, if someone called me like, now, to teach a yoga class I'd do it. Even with my strep + cold. LUCKY!

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Yea, I'm so happy you went to the party! Good luck on your second class, I'm sure you'll be great :)

Chris said...

Pamela is partially correct. The word you want is "than", but the quotation marks belong before the question mark.

I used to teach aerobics and I remember those first few classes. Push through... it'll be second nature in no time! :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I can't wait to hear the report-kick some yoga ass!

sherilee said...

You can SO do it! Great post, and I'm glad you didn't limit it to 10 words.

flutter said...

it's "than" and dude. you can SO do it.

Cookie said...

Of course you can do it. You are a supermom!
Now I understand hokgardener's post about puncuation!