Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Does Anything Ever Happen on a Wednesday? K, I'll Rant.

Since I am unofficially committed to blogging every week day -- at least for awhile -- I'm desperately trying to think of something to post about today.

I'll admit I thought about posting that my cat likes to eat dog food.  She's flexible that way.

Then this morning when I was going through the excruciating ordeal of J12 getting dressed I thought I had the perfect post. I mean really.  How long can it take one child to get dressed.  What is there to day dream about when you are putting on your shoes?  OK, fine if it happens once.  But every single day?

And no. No I don't think you need to stop and play with the dog and the cat and the other dog and the OTHER dog when you are on your way to the bathroom to brush. your. teeth.

OK and that's another thing.  He's 12.  He's starting to take longer in the bathroom.  He's in there to brush teeth and put on deodorant.  I think he's checking himself out in the mirror.  Ha.  This cracks me up.  Because at this point I'm not getting any indication that he cares one way or the other what girls think.

Except I am starting to get indications that he cares one way or the other what girls think.

For instance.  If his hair is mussed up in the morning (he still showers at night) (he'd be so pleased to know I share this on the internet) I'll get a comb and we'll fix it.  He used to whine and fidget.  Now he says, "what about my hair?"  Ha.  HA HA HA.  He's growing up despite himself.  Probably despite me as well.

Yesterday he told me they are studying health in science.  I said, "oh, are you guys talking about sex?"

He said, "no."

I said, "You will."

"But there's a gross picture."

I said, "Naked lady?  Boobs?"

"NO!  A bladder!!"

"The sex is coming" I told him.

That night he had the exact same conversation with his dad and I was listening in and I said, "Someday you are actually going to want to have sex."

He was grossed out.

Good.  Because I am not ready for that yet.

All right.  There you go.  A post.  Maybe not a rant, but it's Wednesday.

I give myself points for showing up.


furiousBall said...

I check myself out in the mirror all the time.

shelly said...

"No a Bladder" totally cracked me up! We have these conversations all of the time---our oldest will be 11, he has more bottles of junk in the shower than I do...and he bathes in the cologne spray stuff that my mom bought him for Christmas! If girls are still yuck, then why all the fuss?!?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Keep talking--this is when you set the precedent.

Then you won't die when you have the conversation I had with my 20-year old son over winter break. We had all been gone for the day and he and his girlfriend had been home alone. "MVP? If you put condom wrappers in the trash the dog will dig them out and strew them about the house. So maybe you need to use the outside trash can. K?"

JCK said...

That thing about getting distracted getting dressed, and on the way to the bathroom? Happens here, too.

Love your rants!

Every day blogging, eh? That's bold! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ha! A bladder! It's only a matter of time, isn't it?

Cookie said...

That is funny!
I have something in common with your son. I don't want to look at anyone's bladder either.

sherilee said...

You totally get points for showing up.

We have had the same evening bath routine, transitioning to mornings more and more now... (mine's 14)... the hair used to drive me nuts, but he was oblivious... now there's some slicking down that goes on, mostly to not get razzed, I think. Funny watching the process from this side; I remember 12, 13, 14 like it was yesterday...

Cha Cha said...

You totally get points for showing up. Life is 95% showing up.

Also? There's something really lovely about a 12-year-old who is grossed out by sex. What a tiny sliver of time ...