Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The problem with NaBloPoMo is you have to post every day.  Even when you don't feel like it.  

D8 has the croup and an ear infection.  He's feeling so much better today.  I'm planning on sending him back to school tomorrow.

I'm feeling sickesh again which is annoying me.  Sickesh. Worn out.  Tired.  Yucky.

I'm feeling the way I did last summer when I found out I was severely anemic.  So I'm headed back to the doctor tomorrow to find out what's going on.  I've been laying on the couch since 2:30 (I just realized) and I can't seem to get anything done.

Probably because I've been laying on the couch since 2:30.

Really hoping it's just a bug and not something actually wrong with me.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Hopefully it's just the time of year-I have felt quite exhausted by the time change this week.

flutter said...

sounds like you need a hug and some tea. Wish I lived closer

JCK said...

Wish this didn't have to be a cyber hug. Was just thinking how cool it would be for all of us to fix you tea, and settle in to rest...with you. I really hope everything is fine, and you're just run down.

Angeliki Bogosian said...

Sounds awful. Take good care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Take a nap and rest. If you still feel this way by Sunday, then you'll know it's something more. And don't forget that daylight savings can throw a person off!

yogurt said...

Bet it's some kind of bug. Or, when I feel the kind of low level sick you describe, a lot of the times it's my mold allergy. Hope you are back on your feet soon (after you take a load off your feet for a few days).

52 Faces said...

Sometimes I think I'm anemic. I used to suck on nails that stuck out when I was a toddler for the iron taste.

Every 11:11 or 1:11 you can do it too!

V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

My body longs to hibernate in winter. If you can, get outside early in the morning and get full sun (no sunglasses) for 15-30 minutes. Gets you natural Vitamin D and cues production of brain chemicals that help you wake up.