Monday, November 1, 2010

Is November still NaBloPoMo?

Do people still do that?  I'm going to, just to try and jumpstart myself back into blogging.

I've completed three weeks of Yoga Teacher Training.  It's going well.  It's very intense.  I'm overwhelmed with everything I need to do to every day and I'm not keeping up as well as I'd like -- the practice, the meditation, the studying.  Although a lot of it is just avoidance.  The time is there to get it all done, it's just a matter of discipline and prioritizing and facing head on all the issues and stuff a regular practice brings up.

All that said I can honestly say I feel clearer.  This morning that's the best word to describe it.  

This morning The Writer's Almanac had the absolutely perfect poem for this Monday, November 1 and I have to share it with you:


by Cindy Gregg
On this first day of November
it is cold as a cave,
the sky the color
of neutral third parties.
I am cutting carrots
for the chicken soup.
Knife against carrot
again and again
sends a plop of pennies
into the pan.
These cents,
when held to the gray light,
hold no noble president,
only stills
of some kaleidoscope
caught being pensive...
and beautiful,
in the eye of this beholder,
who did not expect
this moment of marvel
while making an early supper
for the hungry children.
"Monday" by Cindy Gregg, from Suddenly Autumn


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, that IS perfect!

ella said...

That's the November we should have...we're supposed to be over 80 this week. Not really jiving up for soup. but since I hate the cold, I'm going to shut my mouth.

Jennifer said...

Loved that.

And now I've posted once in November. I assume that meets the NaNoBloMePoMo requirements. What? :)

Angeliki Bogosian said...

Such a nice poem!

kelly said...

I don't feel like many people blog anymore. It's all twittering and conference appearances. Is sad. Glad you are here. Lovely poem.

JCK said...

Love that poem. I'm trying to get the momentum going again with NaBloPoMo, too. :)