Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Three weeks ago we spent much of our yoga teacher training weekend setting our intention for the course. We went through a very thorough, deliberate process to determine and refine our intention.  We worked as a large group and then in smaller groups redefining and reworking until we had just the right intention for ourselves.

At the end of the day, in ceremony, we said our intention out loud.

It was a very powerful weekend.

My intention is to be strong through a life practice of compassionate discipline.

Honestly when the weekend started I wasn't excited or expecting much out of setting an intention.  I would say I kept that attitude through most of the weekend.  I was working on an intention statement but it wasn't really fitting or feeling right until I came up with the above sentence.

My lack of self-discipline in every area of my life has been something I've been thinking about and aware of since last summer.

I've always had a hang up about my lack of physical strength -- which is not as lacking as I'd like to think but is definitely lacking.

It's not just physical strength I'm looking for, but emotional as well.  Maybe more so.  Strength in the way I raise my children, do my job.  Strength in the way I live.  Strength to find myself and to be myself.  To truly be myself.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I like the term compassionate discipline.

I am a very self-disciplined adult and it is one of the key traits I've tried to instill in my kids. I was not self-disciplined in my teen years and I saw that it cost me in many ways.

Good luck on this journey.

52 Faces said...

You can SO DO THIS.

Just by stating this intention and writing it out for the world to see, you have already set it in motion. I 100% believe this.

You already set it in motion by committing to yoga teacher training.

And welcome to the Skinny Bitch Club! We are very happy to have you. Lawdy thank you for the warning about the 40's lol.

I was raised by a bipolar mom who ran late to every appointment. Self-discipline was not a concept I could even begin to understand. Even now I sleep at 6 a.m. because I can't force myself to go to bed any earlier. (Although my swing shift job probably doesn't help.)

It feels like I had to raise myself all over again in my late 20's to learn things like discipline.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think yoga is an excellent tool to achieve your goal!

Angeliki Bogosian said...

Intention is the first and most difficult step. The only thing left to do now is implement this intention by making specific goals.

Jennifer said...

I want that for you as much as I want it for myself.

Now I have to go find out what that Skinny Bitch Club is all about. Have a feeling that's a club I need to get into.

JCK said...

I like compassionate discipline, too. I love your intention. Powerful.

As I was reading the beginning of your post I was thinking...has it been 3 weeks since you snuck to the computer and wrote a few sentences while you were on your retreat! ? :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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bernthis said...

I love that idea. What is one's intention? Mine is to finally conquer the one fear that has run my life for so long. How I intend to do that is also clear to me. Get the support I need and then actual put it into practice.

Loved this post

Happy New Year

JCK said... can come back now! Miss you.

Happy New Year!