Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, Monday, MONDAY

I'm having a Monday.  It's all my own doing I know.  But still.  It's a Monday.

I slept in and was running late by 7:05.

J12 is still on crutches and I'm having to push him pretty hard to get over himself and his hurt ankle.  It is hurting.  But he is under the impression he should sit on the couch for four weeks while it heals.  Wrong.

Two minutes before it is time to leave D8 says, and I quote, "Where are my glasses?"

No.  No no no no no people.  No.  DO. NOT. LOSE. YOUR. GLASSES.

J12 has had glasses since first grade and has never lost them.  Responsible, neurotic, crazy old soul that he is.

D8 loses them every day.  I've ripped the house up and can't find them.  I need to work (begs the question why am I blogging, I know I know!)  So I'm taking turns between working (OK blogging) and searching for glasses.

I have a feeling this time they are gone and I won't find them until I buy a new pair.  We have football tonight (D8's first game of the year) so I probably have to fit going to a one-hour glasses place in with homework and football.

Really I know this is not that bad.  There are people out there with real problems.

Mostly I'm mad at myself for not making him wear the glasses on the weekends, for not realizing I needed to find them last night, for not keeping my house cleaner and I'm even mad at myself for being sick this weekend (like I could help it) and staying in bed and letting the house go to hell.

That's so stupid and irrational.  Were women doing this 100 years ago?  200?  1,000?  Have we always expected ourselves to do everything and be responsible for everything and feeling guilty for things like catching a freaking cold?

That's to much for a Monday.  I'm gonna go look for those freaking glasses.


After all that I found his glasses.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't know about the guilt thing, but I would have a rule for the glasses--either on his face or in one specific spot you can easily see (a bowl on the kitchen counter?). You want to play outside, watch TV, game? Are the glasses where they are supposed to be?

Good luck finding them--maybe he'll find them at school?

furiousBall said...

don't be mad at yourself for getting sick!

my spidey senses are telling me... you'll find the glasses

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Give him one of those chains to hold them around his neck.
Kids on crutches can go either way in my experience--either they push themselves too much or they become total babies. We have niece who broke her foot a year ago. At her dance recital this spring she danced beautifully. And then she LIMPED off stage. Totally learned behavior. But then you never know, right?
And I think it's funny to LOOK for glasses. Because you can't really see without them, so it cracks me up

Karen said...

If ever there was a time to just sit and breathe, this is it--it's okay--it's all okay!!!

Lori said...

Of course you found his glasses. :) And yes, mothers have been doing these things as long as there have been mothers - I think.

anymommy said...

Hope you found them. And I don't care if women have been doing this for 20000 years. It's still freaking hard.

Cookie said...

you foudn the glasses without having to buy new ones?! That is great. But still might be worth it to get an extra pair. Not that something like this would ever happen again. And not that this kind of thing has been going on for hundreds of years. It hasn't. Because everyone for hundreds of years everyone had to buy a new pair of glasses before they found their glasses. ;)

bernthis said...

one word: Yep!

JCK said...

I'm hopeful that women have not always been this way. And that it is a modern phenomena. However, I think Murphy's Law has always happened. With us it is shoes that can never be we walk out the door.

yogurt said...

Hooray for found objects! In my case it's the keys. Running late, WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!? I'm going to give myself a stroke one of these mornings.