Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nurse Slow Panic

Warning:  This is all about vomit. In detail.

J12 started throwing up after school on Tuesday and pretty much hasn't stopped.    He missed three days of school this week.  I am so frustrated.  He's still throwing up.

To be honest with you I haven't believed him the whole time.  I've checked up on him a couple of times and he wasn't lying.  I think he has been heaving or gagging and calling that throwing up.  If not he really is throwing up about 15 times a day.  Or more.  The few times I've taken a look at it it's looked dark brown/maroon/reddish.  Of course I started worrying about blood in his stomach.

But he's been drinking Coke and grape juice and grape Gatorade.  

No fever, no other symptoms, except a cranky, tired 12 year old.  Honestly I've been pretty hard on him at times because I'm worried he's scamming me to get out of school.  He had a lot of sick days last year and he's developing habits I had as a kid and I'm just kind of worried.

So I've gone between being sympathetic and kind to mean and bitchy.

This morning, after not eating for 12 hours and having nothing to drink but water he threw up the dark colored puke again.  That kind of scared me, so I took him to the doctor.

They did a quick blood test and a strep test and nothing.

So now I'm waiting for him to puke so I can collect it and take it back to the doctor and they can check it for blood.

I explained this to him and put a bowl in the bathroom for him to use.  I took the dogs for a walk.

I come back and the bowl is full.  I mean really a lot of stuff -- and it looks like Coke.  So yeah, I find out he drank some Coke while I was picking up his anti-vomit drugs.

But the real fun part is he went to the bathroom and peed and then threw up before flushing AND THEN TOOK THE BOWL AND SCOOPED THE PEE AND PUKE INTO THE BOWL.    Then gave it to me.

I'm sighing.  I can tell you I am sighing a lot today.  So I explained to him to throw up directly in the bowl.  Please leave out the pee, and I will take that to the doctor.

Except now he's hungry.  So he's going to eat and then he's going to throw up and then I get to scoop that out of the bowl.

I told you this was gross.

THEN I'm going to give him the anti-vomit meds.

If he's still throwing up tomorrow I have to take him back.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to fly to MD on business.

Blah.  Sometimes this mommy gig is a little rough.  And gross.  Sometimes it is really really gross.


ella said...

I'm right there with you on the whole scamming thing to get outa school. My middle kid does that so much, that I almost didn't take him to the ER one day when he said he'd hurt his wrist. turns out he did break it, the boy who cried wolf...I didn't believe it at first.
Good luck at the dr. I hope they figure out what's wrong.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Maybe this will make you feel better. When my daughter was about your son's age she had a really bad stomach virus--both ends. I was helping her take off her clothes because she'd been sick in her bed. She leaned over to puke and I held her hair back. Suddenly the other end erupted--all over me.

Yes, sometimes the mommy gig is gross and rough.

I hope it turns out he just has a virulent virus and it passes soon.

Vodka Mom said...

If there is something that makes me SICK, it's vomit.

yogurt said...

Hoping J12 is feeling better today. Juices can irritate a delicate, irritated tummy so that could have been enough to keep the vomiting going.

I have the opposite "problem" here .. my kids refuse to stay home when they ARE sick. I make them, of course, in the event of fever or contagion but not without a lot of complaining.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ew! You poor woman! Your poor boy!

52 Faces said...

omg! I thought blogging delicately about my bowel experience after a chlorophyll drink was gross! This tops my green liquid poo anytime!