Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Faker is Back at School

I'm going to come right out and admit I got scammed.    At least I think I got scammed.  

I'm pretty sure I did.  Kind of.  A little.

J12 just went back to school this morning after missing FIVE days of school.  I think he really was sick at first.  There was a virus going around school and tons of kids were out the first week of school, as well as a few teachers.  

He was actually throwing up at some point.  I posted Saturday about dealing with his vomit.  It turns out he did have a little blood in his vomit (I'll stop using the V word now) so I know he was legitimately sick, I actually saw it happen a few times.

That said we started to get suspicious towards the end of the weekend.  It was happening when we weren't around -- when I'd run to the grocery store or drop D8 off at school.

I took him to the doctor Monday morning, I was really freaking out there was something seriously wrong with him.  The doctor said I should keep him home another day.

Late afternoon Monday I took the recycling out and when I came back in I heard the fridge door closing, then J12 comes running around the corner, holding his mouth like he wasn't sure he'd make it,  and then throwing up.  I follow him into the bathroom and it looks like he poured some soda in the toilet.

We had a conversation.  I did most of the talking.  He denied up and down, backwards and forwards.  I checked the fridege and the two liter of root beer was almost gone -- except no one had been drinking it.

We had another conversation.  I did most of the yelling.  

Then I told his dad.  They had a conversation.  Hid dad did all of the threatening.  He told him if he was throwing up by the end of the next day he was going to the hospital and they would stick a tube down his nose and into his stomach.  They would do a spinal tap.  With a very large needle.

Oddly enough he never threw up again.

This I have to say -- I learned a lot this week.  I really did.  About J12 and myself.  

 I'm a little worried about what prompted the whole thing -- that something is really bothering him and he's hiding from it. I can't get him to talk -- not about anything like that.  

The thing is I was just the same.  Always trying to hide from stuff I didn't want to deal with and seeing things as much scarier than they were.  I still do it.   I'm just hoping I can find a way to help him cope, to start learning how to cope, now and not wait until he's well into adult hood to start dealing with it.  Like I did.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is something. I do think you're right to deal with it but also to look at the underlying cause.

Three out of my four very well-adjusted kids have been to therapists--I'm a big believer in early intervention and in all three cases I think a couple of sessions very early prevented what could have become bigger problems.

JCK said...

This post started out so funny, and the title may be the BEST BLOG POST TITLE EVER. Still, I agree with you that there is probably something he's trying to dodge at school. Maybe after the feathers settle, you can try bringing it up. Thanks for making me smile and sigh today. :)

sherilee said...

Been there. I know I've been scammed before... I hope whatever it is, it clears up for him. And (silver lining), at least home is a good place for him to regroup when the world is rough--think of all those kids who have it the complete opposite and have to get away from home to function.