Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Not To Blog Tired

There should probably be a law against blogging tired. I posted a poem about celery last night. Does that horrify anyone else besides me? Horrify is probably a little strong.

Yes I was tired yesterday. I think the house stress caught up with me yesterday. I was so sleepy all day long and I crashed on my mother-in-law's couch around 6:30 and pretty much didn't get up again.

I'm trying not to write about our freaky house but since it's the main character in our current drama it's hard not to.

Today we are going to start rewiring the baseboards. Tomorrow an electrician is coming to install the new breaker box -- we are hoping to be home (as in sleep at our house) Sunday night.

We still have to rip up all the plaster walls --we're just going to do a room at a time. Yes it is a horrendous job. I'm not looking forward to it.

The truth is we should have done this years ago and the really ugly truth is it's time for us to grow up and start taking care of the house. That's what I really need to write about and what I don't want to admit to anyone. Although I've finally admitted it to myself and I guess that's a start.


AnastasiaSpeaks said...

You're doing it now and that's all that matters!!! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It will get done. I have a theory that only the most anal-retentive people are ahead of their house repairs.

Karen said...

Beating yourself up "should haves" doesn't help in any way AT ALL--it just holds you back! You're doing it now--yaay for you! And write about the house all you want--it's your blog, your life--and that's certainly why I keep visiting!

soccermom said...

I wanna know what kind of school teaches kids poems about celery? and what does that have to do with Valentines Day? Isn't it supposed to be about candy and love? or am I all wet here?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Write about your freaky house--it's what you're living. Maybe the rest of us will learn something.

dearheart said...

I agree about not beating yourself up about delayed house repairs. Preemptive strikes in the home department is like getting snow tires for your birthday. Last on the list. Hang in there!

52 Faces said...

omg thank you for writing this! I look around the piles of laundry on one of our couches, the floor of the bedroom, and the bed in our guest room (we have lots of clothes...and couches) and I'm embarrassed even though no one can see me but God.

And I think, "we so don't have it together." Then I make up some excuse, "We're working hard for our money."

"It's not even that much money!"

Anyway, you know how this cycle goes...:D

Jen said...

Other people's tired blog posts give me hope that I'm not completely insane. :)

Good luck with the plaster project--that will be QUITE a project.