Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday -- A Little Gratitude

Since I have been so generously sharing with you my fears and frustrations over my house I thought maybe I should show some gratitude. Here's ten things I'm thankful for today:

1. Being back in my home office -- I'm running computer, modem and printer off a generator.

2. The drive through the country from the in-laws into town -- so nice and quiet.

3. Hanging out at home with my two dogs and cats.

5. Being able to make my own tea instead of ordering it.

6. We might be moving back home Wednesday.

7. I can run my sewing machine off the generator too.....

8. My kids didn't freak out when I told them the fish died (D7 folded his hands and said, "we gather here in honor of these fish" -- and that was that)

9. The cake decorating class I'm taking with my mother-in-law (and J11, but for the love of God do not tell the kids in his class).

10. A mother-in-law who is making a point of telling us how much she enjoys having us stay with her --despite the fact that we are loud and incredibly messy.


flutter said...

cake decorating sounds like fun!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I adore Pandora and I think that Ace of Cakes has made it cool for dudes to decorate cakes.

Karen said...

There is always good to be found...and oh what fun--a decorating class!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your blessings make me happy--I especially like how much you think of your MIL. She must be grand.

Texasholly said...

ahhhh! 8-10 got me.

I love that the cake decorating is a family affair and please, I completely know how important this secret is!

I love your MIL. What a sweet gift for her to say that.

52 Faces said...

Thank YOU for pushing me to get my own gratitude list going.

Your comment helped so much on my angsty post - I was so sick of happy people when I was so damn depressed for so long.

I definitely hit bottom for like two months and finally came out of it after the gym last night.

Anonymous said...

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